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WPMN's Trustees are the people who share ultimate responsibility for governing WPMN and directing how it is managed and run. Trustees have independent control over, and legal responsibility, for WPMN’s management and administration. 


Anbreen Bi Wallace


Anbreen is a GP trainee based in London, with an interest in psychiatry and women's health. She is passionate about social mobility and ensuring that medical students and doctors from WP backgrounds have access to the resources and networks that they need to thrive. Anbreen has volunteered for WP organisations for over 10 years and has been part of WPMN since 2020. She is keen to see WPMN grow and achieve its vision of diversifying the medical workforce. Outside of work you’ll find her reading, baking and talking about WP to everyone she meets!

Please contact Anbreen if you would like to find out more about how you could collaborate with WPMN


Jade Scott-Blagrove

Jade is a radiology registrar based in Cambridge with an interest in interventional radiology and one of our newly appointed WPMN trustees. Jade founded WPMN in May 2020 and currently oversees all the day-to-day activities. Jade is also a doctors representative and is passionate about widening participation in both radiology and oncology which is why she co-founded RadReach, a WPMN and Royal College of Radiologists collaborative.   

You can contact Jade using the email button above.



Lizzie Soyode

Lizzie is an emergency medicine doctor from London. Passionate about improving patient care and outcomes, she is to increasing diversity in medicine. Through sharing her experiences, Lizzie is committed to helping juniors along their medical journey, supporting them to reach their full potential. As a new trustee, she is excited about contributing to WPMN and serving a broader community.



Tony Talhat

Tony is an Anaesthetic trainee and the current treasurer for WPMN. He has been working towards gaining new sponsorships and grants for WPMN. He is passionate about widening participation for prospective medical students and runs the annual aspiring medical student essay competition. 

You can contact Tony using the email button above.


Tony - Finance_edited.jpg

Rachel Fardon

Rachel is a Public Health trainee and one of our newly appointed WPMN trustees. Rachel has volunteered for WPMN for the last two years, initially as the Secretary and Communications Officer, before moving into her current Recruitment Lead role. She is passionate about addressing inequalities throughout medical careers and is excited to continue to grow the WPMN community in this new role.

You can contact Rachel using the email button above.



Maria Prayle

Maria is a foundation doctor based in Manchester with an interest in surgery. She is one of WPMN’s trustees and is passionate about creating opportunities for aspiring students, medical students and doctors so that they can thrive within Medicine. Maria joined WPMN in 2021 as an Events Officer, and later became the Events Lead in 2022. She has an enthusiasm to create free, high quality and accessible medical education on a national and international level.

You can contact Maria using the email button above.


Maria Events.jpg

Gabriela Barzyk

Gabriela is a foundation doctor in South West London and has been appointed as a Trustee leading Safeguarding. She has been involved with WPMN since 2021, being part of the National Taskforce and the Academic Stream, where she has been involved in developing a research collaborative alongside her work on research projects.
Being from a WP background herself, Gabriela is passionate about driving the WP agenda and has been working extensively on a local and national level in other initiatives and projects to improve social mobility.

You can contact Gabriela using the email button above.


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