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Roles Available: CEO (x1), Secretary (x1), Treasurer (x1), Trustee (x2)

The Widening Participation Medics Network aims to ensure doctors in every specialty are representative of society. We do this by supporting and advocating for aspiring and current medical students and doctors from underrepresented groups.

Be part of our mission to provide a supportive community to underrepresented groups at all stages of the medical journey and gain leadership and networking opportunities of your own.


Apply below! Deadline is the 10th June 2024! If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact

CEO (x1)

The duties of the CEO are to:

  • Communicate on behalf of WPMN at meetings with key stakeholders and partners alongside Trustees and national leads

  • Meet with each national lead 1:1 or 1:2 (with their deputy) at least every other month 

  • Evaluate the work of all national leads within WPMN and provide advice and guidance so they can progress in their role 

  • Provide an overview from each national lead at every Board meeting (currently every other month) including analysis of any challenges faced

  • Work collaboratively with the deputy CEO

  • Respond to WPMN related communications and tasks in a timely manner 

Time Commitment: 6 hours/week (minimum)
Term length: 2 years (can be reappointed at the end of this period)

Secretary (x1)

The duties of the board secretary are to:

  • document the minutes during Borad meeting and ensure these are shared with Trustees and stored appropriately in WPMN records

  • ensure all board meetings are quorate and comply with the requirements of the governing document

  • ensure all necessary documentation is sent to external bodies such as the Charity Commission within deadlines set

  • organise for policies and procedures to be reviewed and approved by the Board as required

Time commitment: 3-4 hours/month including attendance at monthly board meetings
Term length: 2 years (can be reappointed at the end of this period)

Treasurer (x1)

The duties of the board treasurer are:

  • To document all financial transactions to and from the WPMN bank account and present it at the WPMN Trustees meeting

  • To audit the WPMN financial transactions quarterly

  • To work with the WPMN Finance lead in developing and working with sponsors

  • To present all funding or sponsorships requests to the WPMN Trustees prior to approval


Time commitment: 3-4 hours / month including attendance at monthly board meetings
Term Lengths: 2 years

Trustee (x2)

The duties of the trustee are:

  • Work closely with the other Trustees to provide leadership to WPMN and to decide how it is run. This will involve:

    • Ensuring WPMN is carrying out its purpose for the public benefit

    • Ensuring WPMN is complying with its governing document and all relevant legal requirements

    • Acting in WPMN’s best interests, making well-informed decisions for the short- and long-term and avoiding any potential conflicts with your personal interests

    • Managing WPMN’s resources responsibly and with sound judgment

    • Acting with reasonable care and skill when making decisions and reliably preparing for, attending, and contributing to WPMN Trustee Meetings

    • Ensuring WPMN remains accountable to its members and complies with all statutory accounting and reporting requirements

Time Commitment: 6 hours/month including monthly board meeting (minimum)
Term length: 2 years (can be reappointed at the end of this period)


"Working with WPMN has helped me in so many ways. Being able to play an active role in helping others with a widening participation background has been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling as it is the help I wish I had when applying to medical school. It is also amazing how we can help those once at medical school with advice and support. Working with WPMN has given me networking opportunities and a chance to explore my passion for blog writing and helping with widening access to medical school. It has also improved my confidence in not just my ability to help others but also my self-confidence as a widening participation medical student. Being part of a community where you can see those from your background achieving your dreams has given me the fuel to keep going and be proud of my accomplishments."

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