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We are recruiting for new National Representatives to work on the following projects:

Safeguarding Representative
Emergency Medicine Mentoring Scheme

This is a great opportunity to work with a national team that is passionate about supporting aspiring medics, medical students and doctors from WP backgrounds!

Read more about the roles below - and the application form is here! The deadline is 28/02/23

If you have any questions please email our Recruitment Officer Rachel



We look forward to working with you!


Safeguarding Representative

We are looking for 1-2 people to join our Safeguarding Team. In this role you will be working with our Safeguarding Lead to ensure we have the appropriate arrangements in place at WPMN for keeping children and young people safe. You will be involved in tasks including:

  • Developing, reviewing, and implementing WPMN's safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures

  • Ensuring all WPMN volunteers understand the safeguarding and child protection policy and procedures and know what to do if they have concerns about a child’s welfare.

  • Working closely with the board of trustees and senior safeguarding lead to ensure they are kept up to date with safeguarding issues and are fully informed of any concerns

This role is open to medical students and doctors who are based in the UK. You will receive additional Safeguarding Training funded by WPMN.


"Working with WPMN has helped me in so many ways. Being able to play an active role in helping others with a widening participation background has been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling as it is the help I wish I had when applying to medical school. It is also amazing how we can help those once at medical school with advice and support. Working with WPMN has given me networking opportunities and a chance to explore my passion for blog writing and helping with widening access to medical school. It has also improved my confidence in not just my ability to help others but also my self-confidence as a widening participation medical student. Being part of a community where you can see those from your background achieving your dreams has given me the fuel to keep going and be proud of my accomplishments."


Emergency Medicine Mentoring Scheme

We are looking for up to 4 people to work on the Emergency Medicine Mentoring Scheme. The scheme will be targeted at medical students and junior doctors interested in emergency medicine. You will be involved in putting forward a proposal to work with the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. You don't need to be an EM trainee, this project is open to everyone from medical students to qualified doctors - just with an interest in EM!

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