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Personal Statement 13

The demands of a doctor are many; every day is a fascinating new challenge. Even though I recognise that there is an element of routine to these days, the satisfaction of diagnosing and helping a patient is a reward unparalleled by any other. Although I have always found the hospital environment interesting, it was after a tonsillectomy that I seriously considered a career in medicine. I was intrigued by the number of doctors and healthcare professionals that were involved in a small procedure. On reflection, it was this that spurred me on to pursue a career in medicine as I feel I can become a valuable part of such a team. To gain more insight into a medical career I organised work experience shadowing an anaesthetist, here I saw that interaction between the doctor and patient was just as important amongst their colleagues. It was clear that efficient teamwork was needed in order to prepare and adapt to changes quickly. What was also interesting was the technology used in modern medicine and how it can make procedures easier. I have also attended 'What is it like to be a doctor?' days and a spent week at an Undergraduate Centre to affirm my interest. It was helpful to discuss the important qualities of a doctor with nurses, surgeons and medical students. I enjoyed the week because we were involved in the sessions in a practical way. In teams we portrayed our ideas through a presentation and discussion on topics affecting the NHS. It was interesting to hear other people's views and use our communication skills to organise and present a balanced argument. I understood the importance of teamwork but also appreciate that decisions have to be made by someone with authority, who has the respect of the team. I am aware that students from my background are under represented in medicine, therefore I am part of a widening participation scheme. This helps satisfy my dedication to achieve my goal of becoming an anaesthetist. I am interested by the dynamic career a doctor can have due to the variety of specialities and the profession is always advancing because of new research or developing techniques. This means that up to date knowledge is needed and I look forward to lifelong learning as well as the initial, extensive scientific background and technical skills gained at medical school. As I am an inquiring person, I have attended scientific talks on a variety of subjects from how good experiments are conducted; to how plants can be used to help treat malaria. Also, for independent study I read and researched around and beyond my A level subjects, helping me strengthen my understanding of the syllabus. It is important to be part of the community therefore I organised to volunteer at a Hospice charity shop. However it was not until I visited the Hospice Day Centre that I realised how the money raised helps those with cancer. I was uplifted by the positivity expressed by patients because of the quality of care received. I see practicing as a doctor a way of giving back to the community I came from. I visited Lourdes with the Diocese, volunteering with the elderly. I found empathising with people easy and trip was very fulfilling. During school I played netball and was a Sports Captain, it was enjoyable to organise tournaments and encourage younger students to take part in activities. I am an active member of the student council, striving to enhance the student experience. A highlight of college was going on the French exchange, it was a demanding trip however I have a great interest in languages and I am also learning Mandarin Chinese. As well as a passion for fashion my personal interests are live music and stand-up comedy. I think I would be suited to the medicine course as I am a well-rounded, self motivated individual with excellent interpersonal skills. The information that I have gained has strengthened my commitment to enter this profession because I now have a realistic view of the challenges I face as a doctor.

Offer: Durham

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