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Personal Statement 3

I enjoy studying the sciences as I find the content engaging and challenging. My interest has crystallised into a genuine desire to become a scientist and doctor. I welcome the fact that medicine is a constantly evolving science with a firm commitment to lifelong learning and the prospect of helping to improve the quality of life for patients and the broader community.

I arranged voluntary placements at Stepping Hill Hospital every Saturday from June 2010 to June 2011 and have also started volunteering in a renal dialysis unit at the Manchester Royal Infirmary every Monday. Being part of the diverse ward staff has developed my interpersonal skills. I enjoy talking and listening to patients from different backgrounds and witnessed the importance of good communication between nurses and patients and the impact it has on their wellbeing. I shadowed a practice nurse as well as a GP during my work experience at a surgery. The nurse dealt with patients requiring periodic monitoring to control their blood pressure, blood sugar levels and heart rates. I observed how the GP adopted an objective but friendly manner in dealing with more urgent and acute patient problems. I also worked as a residential volunteer at a respite care home for disabled people for a week. At first I was astonished by the responsibilities given, but later flourished from the daily challenges that arose. A moment that confirmed my ambition to become a doctor was when I helped a MS sufferer to swim for the first time in almost twenty years. Reflecting on my work experience, I now appreciate that healthcare is a team effort and that a doctor works closely with nursing staff, physiotherapists and radiographers and many others to deliver a quality service. I realised the importance of attention to detail and confidentiality, both vital for a good doctor.


In college I organise the CO2 Club, a project whose aim is to lower the carbon footprint of the school and gain funding for renewable energy sources. I am a member of the Medics Project, which aims to raise the awareness of cancer in young people. As part of this project I visited the Christie Hospital where, during a guided tour, I saw fascinating equipment such as the linear accelerator. In addition I attended a lecture entitled “Doctors in the Dock”, which analysed the role of the criminal justice system in medical practice today. I found this interesting as it raised important issues about doctors being vulnerable to prosecution.


I am taking part in the Manchester Access Programme and was able to experience life at the university during a three-day residential conference and gain advice from current medical students. I attended workshops on time management and presentation skills. As part of the programme I wrote an academic assignment on cancer treatment which enhanced my research and referencing abilities. The whole experience has been enjoyable and instructive as it has given me access to valuable university resources.


Twice a week I mentor a special needs set in Maths and German in Years 8 and 10. I enjoy the responsibility of supporting people who require guidance in order to improve. I developed my leadership skills in the process of completing the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award with my team. I have a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and relax from my commitments by visiting the gym and participating in team sports.


At the age of 16 I moved from Germany to the UK. This taught me how to adjust quickly to changing circumstances. Although challenging at first, the experience of continuing my education in a different academic style and environment proved to be invaluable. I am fluent in German, Urdu and English, undoubtedly an advantage in an increasingly multi-cultural society.


My work experience and A-level study have confirmed my ambition to pursue a career in medicine. I am looking forward to the challenges and feel I can cope with the demanding nature of the course in order to become a competent doctor.

Offer: Manchester (Did not attend interviews at Keele & Bristol due to receiving an offer for their first choice)

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