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Hi I’m Shree and I’m currently an F2 in London having graduated from University College London. I’m planning on taking a year out of training (F3 year) and doing a fellowship in oncology as well as taking some time to relax! I hope to eventually specialise in either neurology or oncology. 

I feel very strongly about widening participation and ensuring everyone has equal opportunities to achieve their dream of becoming a doctor. I’m not from a widening participation background and was initially shocked by how many hurdles my friends and colleagues from widening participation backgrounds have had to face. I want to work hard to ensure that no one will have to go through those same struggles! 

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Soo Min


Hi everyone! I am currently an IMT1 in the West Midlands. I graduated from University of Dundee in 2019 and completed my foundation training in Ninewells hospital, Dundee.

I remember the struggles I encountered during my medical school application. I found the whole process daunting and unfamiliar! 

I am excited to be a part of the WPMN team; to help support and encourage aspiring students pursue their passion in medicine. Through this platform, I hope to mitigate barriers and allow equal opportunities for all individuals from varying backgrounds.



I am an FY2 doctor working in London. I have an interest in General Medicine and Infectious Diseases. I joined WPMN to help support medical students and foundation doctors from under-represented backgrounds get the best start in their careers, so they can excel in their future. By providing advice and support, and collaborating with the wider medical community, I hope we can help break down the existing barriers, encourage inclusivity and promote diversity in our workforce.

Keen to contact our reps?

Email our Doctors Lead Shree to be connected. 

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