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Fiona has just qualified as a GP after 3 years at the Riverside (Chelsea and Westminster) training scheme in London. She has been working in Earls Court in West London for the last year, where she will continue to work as a GP post qualification, and has loved getting to know the diverse and ever changing group of patients at the practice. During GP training she completed rotations in mental health, A+E and sexual health. She will be spending one day a week this year working back in sexual health to continue developing this area as a special interest through the SPIN fellowship programme. Prior to GP training she completed F1/F2 in east London, and was at UCL for clinical school and Cambridge for preclinical medicine. She has loved training and working in London in large part due to the variety of patients from different backgrounds she has met, and strongly believes that doctors should represent and reflect this diversity. Through being part of WPMN she hopes to be able to share her experiences of navigating through medical school and specialty training to help others achieve their ambitions, and thrive in careers in medicine. 

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