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Clio is a Post Foundation years (aka 'F3') Doctor currently based between Northampton and Bristol. She works across a variety of specialities, mainly Emergency Medicine, Acute and General Medicine and Paediatrics. This Summer she will be moving to London to work in St George's Emergency Department. She went to University in Bristol and subsequently stuck around for her Foundation years. She hopes to become an Emergency Physician with a specialist interest in Paediatric Emergency Medicine and Sports Medicine.


She feels very strongly about giving everyone access to a level playing field when it comes to a career in Medicine. She has seen first hand the disparity in the opportunities available to and the challenges that those from a Widening Participation background may face. Whilst not being from a traditional widening participation background herself, she was very struck at university at how much more some of her friends had had to go through to get into, and survive in, Medicine (despite them having an equal, if not greater, amount of aptitude and enthusiasm for the career).


She loves the NHS and wants it to be able to continue to recruit the best people, without it being limited to those with the means to undertake the training and the early stages of Medicine.

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