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I grew up in Wiltshire not knowing anyone that was a doctor but had always been something I had been interested in as it drew together my love of science and physiology, practical skills and talking! After volunteering in a care home and some work experience I decided that medicine was the career path I wanted to follow, but unfortunately I had no idea how to achieve this goal. After lots of research and battling with my school to get my references in for the earlier deadline I was fortunate to get two offers for medical school and I chose the University of Leeds. Prior to starting University I was naïve to the discrepancies between schools at medical school application support but this was soon highlighted to me when talking to my other medical school students. Since then I have wanted to help even up the playing field and to achieve greater diversity in doctors.

After 6 amazing years I graduated from the University of Leeds with a medical degree and an intercalated degree in Microbiology. I decided to stay in West Yorkshire for my foundations years where I quietly realised that I wanted to pursue a career in an acute aspect of medicine. I am currently completing a Post Foundation Fellowship and will then begin my training to become an Anaesthetist in August. I think that Anaesthetics is an amazing and diverse speciality and would love to help and inspire future generations.

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Hi I’m Jess and I am currently a junior clinical fellow in A+E, moving onto critical care in a few months! I moved to the UK from Hong Kong when I was 2 years old with my family. I grew up working in my parents’ takeaway and attended private school on a funded scholarship. I was very fortunate with the help my school teachers gave me and with hard work and determination secured a place in Liverpool Medical School. I graduated a few years ago, and I hope to become an anaesthetist! I noticed coming from a family with no doctors, how much harder I had to work for similar opportunities my peers had. I joined WPMN to help support aspiring medical students and foundation doctors from under-represented backgrounds. With getting into medicine and speciality training getting harder and more competitive, I hope to be able to level the playing field by giving advice, support and mentoring. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions!  

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