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The Social Mobility Commission reported that just 4% of UK doctors come from working class backgrounds. That is not a merely a diversity gap, it is a diversity abyss where we lose excellent future doctors. Widening Participation Medics Network (WPMN) is a national charitable organisation consisting of over 100 volunteers who are building a medical workforce that is representative of the population it serves. We are widening participation in medicine by representing the underrepresented. WPMN endeavours to create a united voice for our 550+ aspiring medical students, current medical students and doctors that speaks with authority and power to drive positive change within the medical workforce and enhance patient care.


But what is a 'widening participation background'? 

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Membership is free! All students and doctors from a widening participation background and allies are eligible to sign-up.  You will also receive our regular newsletter with events, updates, opportunities for personal & professional development and networking.

"WPMN has opened up many opportunities since I joined last year and made me feel more comfortable being a WP medic - less out of place in the medical community." - Nicolle



"I look forward to a day when barriers throughout the entire medical journey no longer exist and a day when organisations like ours are no longer required. This will be the day when the medical workforce is truly representative of the community it serves, there is equity of opportunity and we are not made to feel out of place. As all these barriers are eliminated, we must simultaneously have changes in the medical culture to flourish."

Jade Scott-Blagrove