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Personal Statement 7

First and foremost, my desire to study medicine stems from my love of working with and helping others, as I believe this is truly the most important aspect of being a doctor. To me, there would be no greater honour than to be trusted to help patients in their greatest times of need, be that through curative treatment or palliative care. Throughout my school career, I have always had a profound interest in science, particularly the human body and the logic and practicality of chemistry and physics. I feel that because of this, medicine is the ideal career for me as it would allow me to develop my scientific knowledge and use this to help others in their most vulnerable moments.


As well as my academic achievements, I believe that my hobbies and personal qualities exhibit my suitability for studying and, ultimately, practising medicine. In S4, I was chosen to be a student Ambassador, which involves completing a leadership and teamwork course at a local outdoor centre and organising extracurricular activities for other pupils. I have also recently undertaken the role of overseeing my school's Pupil Council, as well as becoming a Prefect. I believe my participation in my school community demonstrates my initiative and enthusiasm for helping others and shows that I am always willing to get involved and help out in any way I can. Once a week, I volunteer at a Girlguiding unit as a Young Leader. I have received a two-hundred-hour Saltire award for this and am working towards achieving five hundred, which I believe demonstrates my dedication to anything I am involved in. After working with other Leaders and helping to run the unit each week, I feel I can be a valuable member of any team I am part of, be that in a clinical setting or otherwise. In order to manage stress, I play the guitar and am currently working towards Grade 5. Maintaining a balance between work and personal life is a very important, yet an often overlooked aspect of being a doctor, but I believe I am fully capable of this. Balancing hobbies with my studies has taught me the importance of time management, which I feel has made me a better student.


In order to understand the reality of the medical profession, I arranged a placement at a care home, where I had the chance to interact with residents and observe the staff in the day to day running of the facility. Although this was not in a hospital setting, it was extremely helpful and gave me real insight into what caring for others is like - sometimes, something as simple as a quick conversation can make someone's day. My experience highlighted the importance of empathy when working with others and particularly when you are in a position of trust, as doctors inherently are. I have also made arrangements for a placement in a paediatric ward, but dates have yet to be confirmed due to an initial conflict with my exams.


Additionally, I have taken part in the Reach programme. This gave me the opportunity to visit a medical school for a week, where I attended clinical workshops and mock lectures and worked in small groups discussing ethical issues and case studies. I was also able to speak to medical students about their experiences of medicine so far. This was incredible as it gave me first-hand experience of what being a medical student is like and I learned about potential career paths and postgraduate opportunities. Undoubtedly, participating in Reach has reaffirmed my interest in studying medicine and I have gained valuable knowledge of what the future holds for a medical school graduate.


A career in medicine is certainly one of the most challenging, yet exciting and rewarding paths to embark on. Through my thorough preparation for my application, I feel I fully understand the demands and rewards of studying medicine and would make a valuable addition to university life and the profession.

Offers: Glasgow, Edinburgh & Aberdeen

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