Behaviour Code for Children and Young People

Author: Dr Bernice Buraimoh, Monisha Gupta (Designated safeguarding officers 2020/2021)

Approved by: Dr Jade Scott-Blagrove (WPMN Chair)

Date: 27/06/21


During any engagement as a child or young person with Widening Participation Medics Network (WPMN), you agree to adhere to the code of conduct outlined in this document. Breach of this code of conduct may result in removal of access from the WPMN programme and forum.



The aims of the Behaviour code for children and young people are:

  • To ensure all children and young people who are a part of WPMN know what is expected of them and feel safe, welcomed and valued. 

  • To protect children and young people from abuse and inappropriate treatment.

  • To ensure that as an organisation we are behaving within the limits of the law and in line with our morals and values regarding online activity.


This forum is moderated by WPMN volunteers. If anyone is noted to be behaving unacceptably or using inappropriate language, they will immediately be removed and a warning will be issued. This member may later be banned from using the online forum. 

Personal Information

You should avoid sharing personal details or information that is not relevant to WPMN activities in the appropriate WPMN forums. 


During WPMN activities and on our online forum, participants must ensure to behave appropriately with others and refrain from behaving in a way that will offend or harm others. Our aim is for all participants to have fun and to feel and be safe during WPMN activities. 


Members should:

  • Treat everyone with respect

  • Respect property including WPMN property and other people's property. 

  • Be polite

  • Listen to others

  • Comply with the children/young people code of conduct and any other rules

  • Maintain appropriate relationships with other young people and WPMN volunteers

  • Respect the leadership of the WPMN representatives

  • Contact a WPMN representative or the WPMN safeguarding team if they are concerned about someone’s behaviour or have experienced or witnessed inappropriate behaviour from either a young person or WPMN volunteer.

  • Using appropriate language

  • Being open and understanding of others

  • Remaining inclusive of fellow children/young people regardless of their background

  • Avoiding the use of harmful speech as detailed later on in this policy. 

  • Cultivating positive and appropriate relationships

  • It is ok to disagree with another child/young person but ensure language used is not offensive or harmful

Unacceptable behaviour includes but is not limited to:

  • Behaving in a way that will cause offence or harm to another person

  • Bullying or exclusion

  • Using offensive, prejudiced, racist, homophobic, sexist or ageist comments

  • The usage of illicit substances such as illegal drugs and weapons are banned. These patrons will be reported to the relevant agencies such as the police

  • Sharing personal information about someone else without that person’s permission such as personal stories or addresses, telephone numbers and names. 

  • Sharing sexual, provocative or inappropriate images

  • Using sexual and inappropriate language

  • Inciting unlawful behaviour such as a criminal activity or unlawful civil activity.

  • Inciting harm against a person or organisation

  • Using radicalising speech

  • Advertising commercial products that are not inline with WPMN activities. 

Failure to adhere to the Behaviour Code for Children and Young People 

Children and young people who have been asked to stop any unacceptable behavior are expected to comply immediately. Failure to comply will result in further appropriate consequences as detailed below:

  1. The child and young person will be reminded of the WPMN children and young people code of conduct. They will be given the opportunity to reflect and improve their behaviour. 

  2. If the child or young person does not comply, a first warning will be issued by a WPMN member. Supportive measures may need to be put in place.

  3. If the child or young person does not heed this first warning, a second warning will be issued. Supportive measures will continue if they are required. 

  4. If the second warning is not complied with, a third and final warning will be issued. 

  5. After the final warning, the child or young person will be removed from the WPMN organisation and forum and will be unable to re-apply. We may need to discuss further support options with the child/young person’s parent/guardian. 


WPMN retains the right to remove young people from the programme at their discretion. 

Child Protection Issues and Reporting

Please report any bullying, inappropriate behaviour or any issues to the WPMN safeguarding or the WPMN National Committee team directly. You can contact the Safeguarding officers at

For more information on how we deal with safeguarding issues please see: Safeguarding procedure for children policy. 



Interactions and relationships between WPMN members and children/young people must remain professional for all WPMN events, both offline and online. Sexual or romantic relationships between young people and WPMN volunteers are not permitted.

If you are concerned a WPMN representative is developing an inappropriate relationship with a child/young person online or offline, please contact the safeguarding team immediately. 


























Please contact the WPMN safeguarding team if you have any questions or concerns at


You can find more information on safeguarding on the WPMN website here.