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To offer patients the best care, doctors need to reflect the population that we treat. Being a doctor should not just be for the elite or privileged in society, it should be an option for anyone with the ability and desire. Unfortunately society has put barriers in place for certain groups of people who would otherwise make fantastic doctors. These barriers are present when applying to medical school, during medical school and when practising as a doctor.


WPMN was founded in May 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. At this time, further disparities in healthcare was brought to the surface and additional barriers arose for current medical students and doctors from certain widening participation backgrounds. Then the disaster with exam results occurred which disproportionately negatively affected our members. WPMN started in a time of chaos but WPMN was created with a clear vision.


WPMN exists to break down the barriers that have been put in place by forming a supportive community where we network and hold events, advocate for students & doctors, research key issues to drive change and collaborate with organisations to make long lasting improvements. Improvements are needed at the stage of applying to medicine through to the recruitment of leaders in the Royal Colleges/Faculties, General Medical Council and beyond.  


Students/doctors from widening participation backgrounds include those who: 

  • ​attend/ed a school with low progression into higher education 

  • are/were the first generation of their family to consider higher education 

  • are from an underrepresented ethnic group

  • are from a low socio-economic group

  • have a disability 

  • are a care leaver  

  • are a carer

Take a look at our resources for aspiring medical students, current medical students and doctors from widening participation backgrounds. Membership is free!


If you have any questions/ideas for WPMN or would like to collaborate, please get in touch using the contact form below.